Breeze Church Directory for Attenders

How to Use Our Church Management System

Staying in contact is a “Breeze”

Breeze, our church management system, helps us to stay in contact with you! Here is a brief overview on how to request a login so you can update your profile, view giving records, choose notification settings and more. In time we will also be rolling out an opt-in church directory as well as event management you will be able to access from this system.

When you request your login you will also receive a link for on-site service sign-ups. In order to comply with existing rules we must limit the number of people attending services. As our services become available you will be able to reserve a spot for you and your family.

Request an Account

Fill out “Create Account” form below. If there is an existing profile, the system will find you and automatically send you an email to create your account.

After receiving your login for Breeze you can access Instructions to update your profile and access your giving records.

If there is no matching profile, just scroll down and fill out the next form below and we will respond to you within 48 hours.