Ezekiel — Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Join us on Zoom Wednesday Evenings following the Live Stream Prayer Meeting for a time of Bible Study discussion and fellowship.

How the Study Works

Every week we will cover one online video lesson, typically about an hour long. This 24-part series is presented by Dr. Chuck Missler. Watch the online weekly lesson on your own schedule, but prior to our Wednesday evening discussion time. Then join us Wednesday evening on Zoom for our discussion. We start at 8:00, and finish by 9:00. Optional Study Guides are available for purchase from the K-House website or from Amazon, but use of these guides is strictly optional.

Our study schedule and links to the password protected videos will be shown below. Use the form at the bottom of this page to be added to the weekly mailing list. The weekly emails will include the password required to watch the video, and the meeting ID for Zoom.

Ezekiel Study Schedule

Video links below are password protected. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to be added to our weekly mailing list which will also include the necessary password. Video links will be added one or two weeks prior to the study date.

Dates are subject to change. Please view the weekly video prior to our Wednesday evening Zoom meeting.

  • November 18
    Session 1: Introduction and Ezekiel Chapter 1   (runtime: 1:03)
    Introduction. The Four Living Creatures. The Camp of Israel.
  • November 25
    Session 2: Ezekiel Chapters 2 – 3   (runtime: 1:13)
    Ezekiel’s Call, Preparation, and Office as a Watchman.
  • December 2
    Session 3: Ezekiel Chapters 4 – 5   (runtime: 1:04)
    Siege on Jerusalem. 430 Days. Three Balances.
  • December 9
    Session 4: Ezekiel Chapters 6 – 7   (runtime: 1:10)
    Mountains. The End is Come. Idolatry in the Temple.
  • December 16
    Session 5: Ezekiel Chapters 8 – 11   (runtime: 1:01)
    Six Men. Shekinah Glory leaves the Temple.
  • December 23
    Session 6: Ezekiel Chapters 12 – 13   (runtime: 1:10)
    Rebellious House. Zedekiah. Pelatiah is Judged. False Prophets.
  • December 30
    Session 7: Ezekiel Chapters 14 – 16   (runtime: 1:09)
    Judgment. Noah, Daniel and Job. Unfruitful Vine. Parable of Jotham.
  • January 6
    Session 8: Ezekiel Chapters 17 – 19   (runtime: 1:05)
    The Great Eagle. Individual Accountability. Two Lions.
  • January 13
    Session 9: Ezekiel Chapters 19 – 20   (runtime: 1:09)
    he History of Rebellion. Idols of Egypt. Scattered Among the Nations.
  • January 20
    Session 10: Ezekiel Chapters 21 – 22   (runtime: 1:07)
    The Sword. City of Blood. Smelting Furnace.
  • January 27
    Session 11: Ezekiel Chapters 23 – 24   (runtime: 0:53)
    Two Sisters. Cup of Judgment. The Boiling Pot.
  • February 3
    Session 12: Ezekiel Chapter 25   (runtime: 0:49)
    God’s Judgment on the Muslim Nations: Ammon, Moab, Edom.
  • February 10
    Session 13: Ezekiel Chapters 26 – 27   (runtime: 1:06)
    God’s Judgment on the Muslim Nations: Tyre, Persia, Ophir.
  • February 17
    Session 14: Ezekiel Chapter 28   (runtime: 1:11)
    The Power Behind the Throne. Satan. The Gap Theory.
  • February 24
    Session 15: Ezekiel Chapters 29 – 31   (runtime: 0:57)
    God’s Judgment upon Egypt. The Sword Continues. The Fall of Pharaoh. Egypt and the Aswan Dam.
  • March 3
    Session 16: Ezekiel Chapter 32   (runtime: 0:56)
    Tour of Sheol. The Rise of Islam. 666 and the anti-Christ.
  • March 10
    Session 17: Ezekiel Chapters 33 – 35   (runtime: 0:54)
    The Role of the Watchman. The Wicked Shepherds. Judgment of Edom.
  • March 17
    Session 18: Ezekiel Chapters 36 – 37   (runtime: 0:57)
    The Restoration of the Land. The Restoration of the Nation . The Vision of the Dry Bones.
  • March 24
    Session 19: Ezekiel Chapters 38 – 39   (runtime: 1:09)
    The Magog Invasion. Nuclear Weapons? Timing Placement.
  • March 31
    Session 20: Ezekiel Chapters 40 – 42   (runtime: 0:57)
    The Vision of the Temple. Which Temple? Angel of the Lord. Zadok. Inner Court.
  • April 7
    Session 21: Ezekiel Chapters 43 – 45   (runtime: 1:08)
    New Worship of God. Return of Glory. Sacrifices.
  • April 14
    Session 22: Ezekiel Chapters 46 – 48   (runtime: 0:49)
    New Appointments of the Land of Israel to the Tribes. Division of the Land. The Sanctuary. The City.
  • April 21
    Session 23: The Origin of Evil – Part 1   (runtime: 1:01)
    The Origin of Evil. When Did Satan Fall?
  • April 28
    Session 24: The Origin of Evil – Part 2   (runtime: 1:02)
    Spiritual Warfare. Armor of God.

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