CR Kids @ New Song

Step 1. Register your child for CR Kids @ New Song. Use the following link to the registration page:
Registration You only need to register once, then come back weekly to reserve your spot.

Step 2. Reserve your child a spot to guarantee that there will be room for them on a given Tuesday Reserve Your Spot NOTE: You need to reserve a spot EACH WEEK

Parent Information


Please keep your child home if you see any of these signs:

  • Fever greater than 100.4*
  • Persistent Cough
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Vomiting*
  • Diarrhea*
  • Stiff neck with headache or fever
  • Any rash
  • Unusual behavior change, such as irritability, lethargy
  • Skin lesions that are “weepy” (fluid or pus-filled)
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or skin)
  • Eye redness or colored drainage from eyes

*If your child has vomited, had diarrhea or a fever, keep them home for 24 hours after the last incident.

*If fever, keep home 24 hours after fever-free for 24 hours without taking fever-reducing medicine.

If any of these symptoms are observed by the childcare staff, the parent will be notified by childcare staff to come and pick up your child. Note: We are unable to dispense any medications.


  • All children must have a registration sheet.
  • If children have not been registered before, their parents will need to do that there first time at Celebrate Recovery or at
  • Celebrate Recovery offers childcare for children between the ages of 6 months – 11 yrs. old.
  • Parents are encouraged to remain outside of Child-Care area unless their child is having a particular hard time with them leaving.
  • Sign-in/sign out requirement is the parent/caregiver’s signature.


Nursery/Toddler age (6 mos-2 yrs.): Parent’s will be texted for a diaper change. It is necessary to have 2 volunteers present at all times, and so we cannot leave to go and wash hands. If the parent leaves a diaper bag in the classroom, it should have a clip on it for proper identification.

Preschool age (ages 3-5yrs): If a child needs to use the restroom, parent’s will get a text. Parents will have to take their child to the restroom. We are not adequately staffed to ensure a volunteer has eyes on the volunteer who would take the child to the restroom. This is for everyone’s safety.

Elementary (ages 6-11yrs): 1 volunteer will stand outside the closed bathroom door in the Community Center entrance until the child comes out. The volunteer will need to ensure the restroom is empty before the child enters. If the child indicates they need assistance, staff will text the parent. Parents will need to assist their child. Volunteer and parent will then need to bring the child back to the children’s program.


Nursery/Toddler and Preschool: Staff will calmly yet clearly state to the child to stop the behavior and then redirect to a different activity. If the child becomes unsafe to other children in the room, parent will be texted to come and get their child. Some reasons to text a parent:

  • Child is throwing objects and it is unsafe for others.
  • Child is physically hurting other children (hitting, biting, etc.)
  • Child is continuously opening doors and making it unsafe for other children.
  • Child is physically hurting themselves
  • Child is bullying other children

Elementary: At this age, we expect that a child can listen and follow directions. A child that is disruptive or disrespectful to other children or volunteers will be given 1 warning. If the behavior continues, staff will immediately contact the parent via text to come and get their child. The behavior will be explained to the parent, and the child will be welcomed back the next week.


  • No outside candy or food in the classrooms.
  • This policy is in place because of numerous dietary restrictions amongst different kids.
  • A snack will be provided to all kids halfway through the program (parents must disclose food allergies at the time of registration)