Focusing in God’s Presence through a POWERFUL WORSHIP;

Practicing HONOR with each other;



SHARING Jesus with everybody


Those are the five pillars of our Youth Ministry. We believe that every single young person is called by God to know Him and to make Him known, and for this very reason, we started our Youth Ministry at New Song. After months of praying and expectation of something fresh and new, Lucas Cecilio and his wife Laura, along with an amazing team of leaders and volunteers, started working on it, and on the 24th of October, of 2018, we launched our very first Youth Night.

Every Wednesday at 7 pm, Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers get together in our Community Center to have the time of their lives! They have games, free snacks, and a great opportunity to meet each other and to make new friends. The goal is welcoming and honoring every single student, creating the opportunity for friendship to flourish. After the games and the snacks, they gather for a time of worship and singing songs to God. We believe the same anointing that is on the Sunday service, is present on our Wednesdays Youth Nights. After worshiping God, they jump into the word of God! We believe we can play, have fun, and preach the word of God in a very engaging way, however every single time, our focus is to be preaching a message that is 100% focused on the person of Jesus! Only Jesus can change our students lives!

If you have a child, grandchild, or know some student in High School or Middle School, we’ll love to have them at our Youth Nights! Also, if you would like to have more information about this ministry, you can talk to Lucas at the end of our Sunday services, or by email.

Lucas Cecilio

Youth Ministry